Covid19 Reopening

Our Caravan Park & Self-Catering business is now open by pre-booking only.

Whilst the Caravan Park is open, it will be unable to operate as it has  done for the past 50+ years. 

We will now only be open to pre-booked guests and you will not be able to just turn up and get a pitch as has been possible in the past. Please note these bookings will also require to be done online through  and we cannot take telephone bookings at the moment.

Our Self-Catering properties will be subject to the cleaning regime laid down by  governments and our trade associations.

This has been a difficult time for us to operate through lockdown and it will continue to be difficult in light of the ongoing restrictions laid down by government, so we hope that everyone including our own communities can bear with us through it all.

Our business, like everyone else’s, will have to change and adapt to survive and  are currently working through plans on how to proceed for the coming years, as it simply will not be  business as usual.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Invercoe. It’s been kind of lonely without you and we give you our assurance that we will operate the business in as safe a manner as is possible.

Iain and Lynn Brown